Jillian Smith

Jillian’s love of entertaining dates back to high school, when she planned holiday parties with her friends. As time went on and she honed her skills, she planned and hosted a wide range of events, from specialty theme parties to intimate group functions and beautiful weddings to professional corporate events. Knowing she’d found the secret sauce to planning successful events, Jillian decided to take the leap from her corporate job and begin marketing her services outside her network of friends and relatives to launch OneTouch Events.

Her approach to event planning is simplicity. She takes cues from you to package the personality and feel of your event into something that is uniquely you. She’s drawn to the streamlined, sleek approach to executing a grand affair and infuses technology and planning tools into her events—for a simple and effective process. She pairs her right-brained organization with her creative left brain for the perfect event and biggest “Wow” factor.